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If you work for a community service provider, charity, foundation, government or non-government organisation, or a NFP (including schools), and work directly with marginalised, vulnerable or impoverished individuals, you are welcome to register for this FREE service.

A GIVIT representative will contact you (by phone or email) following your submission to confirm all your details.

We accept:

  • All types of charities that support people in Australia
  • Service providers must be a frontline community service that works directly with marginalised, vulnerable or impoverished individuals
  • Only Australian community service providers
  • Services that require complete anonymity (including domestic violence shelters)
  • School principals, vice principals, guidance counsellors and chaplains

We do not register:

  • Animal charities (only permitted during natural disaster recovery)
  • Charities that on-sell or raffle items, or require non-essential items
  • Overseas charities

You may request:

  • Any essential items for your client
  • Any essential items for your service
  • Non-perishable food (see Prohibited Items list)


GIVIT respects the anonymity of individuals receiving assistance through our service. To use GIVIT, you MUST adhere to our Privacy Policy.

Our purpose is to connect those that need, with those that have - in a safe and private way.

Please note, our website requires the use of an up-to-date Internet browser.  The recommended browser is Google Chrome. If you experience any issues while registering with our service, please email

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Thank you for your registration to use GIVIT!

We will approve your application after you answer some questions that are necessary to verify your identity.  We will email them to you shortly.

Once you have answered these questions - you will be authenticated and provided with your login and password.

You may then login and start requesting items, as well as taking items from the Virtual Warehouse (items promised to charities from the public).

GIVIT will work to ensure that your items get donated by the public as soon as possible, but in these initial few months we ask for your patience while we build our database.

We do not guarantee that your item will be donated, but please know we will work hard to ensure your growing satisfaction with this service.

Kindest regards

Juliette and the GIVIT team