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Get Active for GIVIT

Choose us!

By selecting GIVIT when you participate in any of the below events, you’ll help us to continue matching generosity with genuine need.

Simply create a fundraiser for your event by clicking the below links and start promoting to your friends and family.

What does supporting GIVIT mean?

It means you’re helping us fund the operational costs of GIVIT delivering our wonderful work.

Did you know that for every $1 donated to support GIVIT do its work, GIVIT delivers $12 benefit to the community!

We’re really great at raising money to help people in need. In fact 100% of funds publicly received by GIVIT for our appeals or to purchase specific items and services goes directly to helping those in need.

That’s right – there’s NO ‘clipping of the ticket’ or percentage taken off to cover the costs of OUR work - the actual operational costs of GIVIT.

That's why we also need people like you willing to ‘support GIVIT’ to ensure we can keep delivering our crucial work matching your generosity to genuine need across Australia.


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