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Baby items for First Nations mums

Canberra, ACT

Baby items are urgently needed to encourage First Nations mums in remote communities to bring their kids in for medical check-ups

Donations of teething toys, face washers, beanies, books and other baby items are needed now

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This Indigenous support organisation is putting together gift bags to give to First Nations mums living in remote communities to encourage them to bring their babies and young children to the local health clinic or visiting health service for essential medical check-ups.

Thanks to the help of generous donors, the organisation has received a number of donations, however additional items are still urgently needed to help fill these bags. They can only accept new items and are hoping to be able to provide 50 gift bags in total.

What's needed

Below are the items initially requested - click here to see what's still needed and to donate. The list changes as requests are filled. Donations of new items are requested.

  • Baby hats and knitted beanies for 6 months-1+ years ($15)
  • Baby books for ages 0-12 months ($5)
  • Teething toys ($10)
  • Soft sole shoes/slippers for 6-12 months ($25)
  • Baby manicure sets ($10)
  • Digital thermometers ($50)

See what's needed & give

Donate money

Donating money for these requests is so easy, and will allow us to buy the exact items requested by this organisation. Simply click the FUND button on the requests to donate the money required to purchase them. You can help for as little as $5!


This project and the associated item requests are part of our National Indigenous Support Program.

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