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Essential items for new mums and bubs

Brisbane, QLD

Every new mum should be celebrated. Sadly, that isn't always the case.

Your donation of toiletries, hygiene products, nappies and baby items will make a huge difference

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There are new mothers in the community doing it really tough - no support, no resources, and not much hope.

Every new mum needs to feel like someone's on their team. This organisation is partnering with Brisbane-based maternity hospitals to provide them with care packs to get new mums started. These packs are provided to women who have been challenged by life's circumstances such as domestic and family violence, homelessness and substance issues. 

Not enough support is available for mums experiencing hardship, and these packs make them feel valued, special, and hopeful. This charity is urgently seeking your support and donations to help these new mums through a period of their life that's supposed to be happy.

What's needed

Give items for mums & bubs

The items listed below are what the organisation needed at the start of this project. Click here to see what is still needed. 

For bubs

  • Baby wipes ($12)
  • Nappies for newborns ($20)
  • Baby clothes (size 0000-00000): New or undamaged baby clothes for boys, girls and unisex. 
  • Baby toys ($10): Soft cuddle toys and gifts in new-looking condition.
  • Swaddle or muslin wraps ($5)

For mums

A range of toiletries are requested in sizes below 300ml. You can donate the money needed to purchase the item by using the FUND button.

  • Toothpaste ($4)
  • Toothbrushes ($5)
  • Body wash / soap ($6)
  • Hair brushes
  • Feminine hygiene products, sanitary and maternity pads ($5)
  • Shampoo ($5)
  • Conditioner ($5)

Donate money

You can donate money to purchase any of the above items by using the FUND button. A $20 donation is enough to provide a mum or a bub with the essentials to get started. 100% of your donation received by GIVIT will be used to purchase these items. Every little bit counts!

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