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Furnishings for Children's Family Centre

Canberra, ACT

New furnishings for supervised contact rooms are urgently needed to create a safe and fun environment for families going through distressing times.

Donations of new furniture, paint and toys are needed now

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A Canberra-based family centre that supports children with complex needs in foster care, out of home care and transitional care is urgently requiring new furnishings for their family rooms to create a more family friendly environment. The facility, which is 60 years old and in serious need of a makeover, is where families come for supervised contact with their children.

Children who are supported by the family centre are often dealing with the negative affects of highly disruptive home environments. New paint, furniture and toys will be used to create a safe, welcoming and fun environment for these children to enjoy with their loved ones. It's important to the organisation that these children have the opportunity to receive new and quality items, therefore we ask for our generous donors to consider funding the listed items, or purchasing an IKEA voucher.

What's needed

Below are the items initially requested - click here to see what's still needed and to donate. The list changes as requests are filled. Donations of new items are requested.

  • Paint for walls within the centre
  • Children's toys (all ages needed) 
  • Furniture (Couches, tables, chairs, desks)

See what's needed & give

Donate money

Donating money for these requests is so easy, and will allow us to buy the exact items requested by this organisation. Simply click the FUND button on the requests to donate the money required to purchase them. You can help for as little as $5!


This project and the associated item requests are part of our GIVIT Together Programs.

Children and their families have 2-4 hour visits here each week. In this time, they do arts, crafts, play outside and play games. We are trying to make this space as family friendly and neutral as possible - full of toys and a positive space.


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