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Grocery vouchers for cancer patients

Melbourne, VIC

Grocery vouchers are urgently needed to help cancer patients through Christmas

Your generous donation will help people in the biggest battle of their life

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Being diagnosed with cancer is expensive. A recent report of Australians with cancer found more than half of those surveyed had out-of-pocket expenses of more than $5000 in the last two years, and more than one in four patients had paid more than $10,000¹. More than one-third of participants in another survey admitted they needed financial support from family and friends².

This Victorian charity offers a helping hand to people with cancer, providing direct practical, financial and emotional support during and after treatment. This organisation aims to make the day-to-day lives of cancer patients that little bit easier, and their tagline is "no one fights alone."  

What's needed

A female staff member from a cancer charity holding donated vouchersDonate money to fund grocery vouchers

Each year this charity provides much-needed financial support to help cancer patients through the expensive Christmas period.

Your donation of $20 (or more!) will fund the purchase of grocery vouchers. These vouchers will be distributed to people who are going through the biggest fight of their life. 

donate money to fund a voucher

Got an unused grocery voucher at home from an old birthday or Christmas? You can donate that too! Just click "I have what's needed." Either way, 100% of your donation will go towards letting cancer sufferers know that they're not alone.

How your donation helps

Below are some thank you messages from people who were supported by this charity through Christmas last year.


"Thank you for the Christmas giveaway. It helped us by buying groceries for my family as it is always my first priority to have food on the table for the family."


"Thank you so much for the giveaway as I was able to pay for my police clearance so Arlo the cancer service dog and I could still carry out our hospital visits giving some furry fighter love in these changing times. To put a smile on anyone going through chemo with a furball is the best medicine I know - from a 2x survivor."


"It was a great help. We visited adult kids in Brisbane and saw all my grandkids who I had not seen for 12 months."



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