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Help a needy family this Christmas

Gympie, QLD

Your donation will make a world of difference to struggling families this Christmas

This charity needs vouchers for food and Christmas presents

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This Gympie organisation supports over 50 families including 100 children locally, with the ultimate aim of preventing them from entering the child protection system. Family struggles can include financial hardship, domestic and family violence, drug and alcohol issues, homelessness, and mental health and physical health issues. The main concern in each case is minimising the impact these issues have on the children.

The past eighteen months have seen COVID greatly increase the impact on families, with resulting employment loss, financial pressures, increased emotional stressors, and domestic and family violence. Christmas is a stressful time for vulnerable families, and your donation can help ease the worries of struggling Australians.

What's needed

Donate money to fund Big W and grocery vouchers

Your $50 donation will fund the purchase of Big W and grocery vouchers. The Big W vouchers will help struggling parents ensure they have a Christmas present for their kids, and the grocery vouchers will help put Christmas lunches on tables.

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Got an unused grocery voucher at home from an old birthday or Christmas? You can donate that too! Just click "I have what's needed." Either way, 100% of your donation will go towards helping families doing it tough this festive season.

In previous years I've watched as our families have received such generosity, they are amazed and humbled by the assistance they have received. Many want to know how they can thank the donors, overall it is quite a humbling experience. To see the children’s faces, for them to come in to see us with their thanks, it makes the job worthwhile.


Who your donation will help

"Mum and dad have three children 8 months, 2.5 years and 8 years of age. The stress of the youngest child being born with significant breathing issues has had a great impact on the family unit. Dad has lost his job as a result of COVID and began drinking to “cope”. Mum is exhausted as she is managing all 3 children herself and the baby requires care 24/7. The family is having to move in early January from the home they have rented for the past 5 years as the owners are selling. The prospects of finding another home is grim as there is very little available housing in the area. They have no money to pay for the move even if they find a house. Dad has had a few episodes where he has become violent with Mum and the children have witnessed this. The eight-year-old has regressed and is now wetting the bed. The family is crumbling. Our services have stepped in and are working on solutions to keep the family afloat. For the family to have food on the table, gifts for the children and each other for Christmas would bring such joy to this family. To give this family some hope, to lighten their burdens would be a wonderful experience particularly when they know that they are not alone, that there are caring people out there who want to make a difference to struggling families."

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