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Help brave women and kids escaping violence in Mackay

Mackay, QLD


This women's services provider in Mackay assists women and children just when they need it most. Now they need your help.

Requested donations include fuel and grocery vouchers, mobile phones, books and clothes suitable for children and women, art supplies and much more

This organisation in Mackay assists upwards of 200 women and children every week, providing:

  • Sexual assault counselling;
  • Domestic violence counselling; and
  • Children's counselling. 

Many of the organisation's clients are escaping a dangerous situation and are starting from scratch. They require immediate emergency relief which extends to food and fuel vouchers, toiletries, sanitary items and household items. The organisation also looks to help clients with their mental health and wellbeing by providing items like children's toys, books and art supplies.

Whilst the organisation does not provide accommodation, many women and children who access their services are homeless, and shelters in Mackay are constantly full. 


What's needed

Below are the items requested by the organisation. Click here or on the button below to browse the full list:

Clothes and linen

  • Children's clothing size 2 to 16
  • Children's underwear
  • Women's shirts and shorts
  • Women's underwear
  • Bras and sports bras
  • Bath towels

Art supplies

  • Coloured pencils
  • Calligraphy pens
  • Canvas' for artwork
  • Adult colouring books


  • Mobile phones
  • Children's and adults books and magazines
  • Kid's toy bubbles


  • $20 and $50 grocery vouchers
  • $50 fuel vouchers


see full list of what's needed

Donate money

100% of the money received by GIVIT for this project will be used to purchase items for this organisation to help vulnerable women and children in Mackay. To donate, simply click the link, then write 'Help brave women and kids escaping violence in Mackay' in the comments section.


Donate funds

Our focus is on the wellbeing of all women and providing a combined service, where Mackay women of all ages and life stages can attend, and where staff can meet a variety of needs in a friendly, safe and homely atmosphere.


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