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Help people transitioning from homelessness to their first homes

Geraldton, WA

Residents sheltering in an abandoned motel complex are being rehomed due to demolition plans

An old, abandoned motel in Geraldton has been set for demolition for a long time, however due to the housing crisis which has been exacerbated by Cyclone Seroja and recent flooding in the Kimberley, it has become a safe haven for people experiencing homelessness in the area. Unfortunately it has also created a number of social issues for the area, and the site continues to be used by people travelling to Geraldton to attend funerals or other unexpected medical issues.

There are currently 24 people living at the site full-time, however in the coming weeks, 12 of these residents will be moved to a new development in Geraldton. For many of these people, it will be the first time that they will have their own tenancy.

These people have suffered significant disadvantage and require material assistance to help transition into their new properties from homelessness. This will include a range of household items, as well as grocery support. It is critical that these people receive support to ensure that they are able to independently manage their tenancy and the related psycho-social difficulties they will continue to experience. 

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