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Help South Australian foster kids

Adelaide, South Australia

Looking for a Christmas fundraiser for your workplace, club or group?

Make a difference in the lives of vulnerable foster kids

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Children in foster care face many challenges. They have often experienced trauma, abuse or neglect, and they're going through significant changes during important periods of their development.

This Adelaide organisation equips young people with the confidence and skills to take more control and make informed choices in their lives. The charity provides opportunities and support for children and families at risk through holidays, camps and activities. The organisation also runs a weekly community food night.

This charity has seen a heartbreaking increase in the number of children being placed into care since the onset of COVID-19. Often these children are removed from their homes at very short notice with few possessions. 

Children holding letters in a sign saying "thank you"

What's needed

Many foster kids rarely or never receive new things, and many don't have toys or other possession to call their own.

Below are the requested items (subject to change, the list changes as requests are filled). You can either donate items, or use the FUND button to donate the money needed to buy the items. The dollar value next to the item shows how much the FUND value is.

  • Christmas trees, lights and decorations ($70)
  • Towels, bath mats and sheets ($12-25)
  • Boys and girls pyjamas ($12)
  • Grocery and fuel vouchers ($50)
  • Suitcases ($40)
  • Freezer bags ($5)
  • Rubber gloves for food preparation
  • 6.4L and 50L plastic storage tubs
  • Reusable fabric shopping bags
  • A sewing machine, and
  • Feet for an Elna Elina 40 sewing machine


Donate money

Look for the FUND button next to each request to donate money towards purchasing these items. 100% of your donation will be used to purchase exactly what this charity needs to help vulnerable kids.


A young boy holding a shoebox of toiletries that's been given to himA young smiling boy holding a new robot toy that's been given to him

A smiling young boy waving his arms in a new pair of pyjamas

Your impact

Below are some of the reactions from kids when they've received donated goods from this organisation in the past, or when they've been on camps and activities.

"Did someone really give me this teddy to keep?" - Hannah, aged 7

"These pyjamas feel so soft" - Max, aged 6

"This funny feeling is happy. I am happy" - Lachlan, aged 5

"Can I really keep these toiletries?" - Mo, aged 8

"I feel like I'm not alone in the world anymore. I met other kids just like me" - Jess, aged 11

"This camp feels like home, and I miss the feeling" Layla, aged 10




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