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Help this foster children organisation get their storage sorted

Toowoomba, QLD

Help this wonderful Toowoomba organisation to help more kids in care

Your generous cash donation will help Hope For Our Children to streamline their operations and help more children!

Hope For Our Children (HFOC) is a Toowoomba-based organisation that supports foster children and their families, and raises awareness of the plight of foster children in Queensland.

Donate money to help this foster children organisation help more kids

One of HFOC's main initiatives is their backpack drive, which supplies backpacks filled with clothes, toiletries, stationery, toys and other essentials to children recently removed from their families and / or entering foster care. The program is coordinated in partnership with the Queensland Government Department of Children, Youth Justice and Multicultural Affairs and foster care agencies. The initiative ensures that children without their own belongings have some small items to call their own as they transition to a new home, and those with their own belongings aren't carrying them in a plastic or garbage bag. HFOC has so far provided more than 1000 of these kitted-out backpacks to vulnerable QLD kids.



What's needed

HFOC is working to fill two large orders over the coming months, and thanks to generous donors, their small storage area is overflowing with backpacks, clothes, stationery, toys and other items. HFOC is now looking to purchase sliding storage racking to upgrade their storage, and make their headquarters safer, more comfortable and more efficient. 

Storage shelves

HFOC is looking to buy 20 storage shelves from Bunnings, which are $44.50 each. You can donate the money to purchase a set of storage shelves here.

donate 1 x storage shelves


Storage boxes

HFOC needs 100 storage boxes from Bunnings which are $6.50 each. You can donate the money to purchase storage boxes here.

donate 1 x storage box


Bunnings vouchers

You can also donate a Bunnings voucher to help HFOC with their work.

Donate $20 bunnings voucher

Just donated