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Help young people in crisis accommodation in Hobart get back to school

Hobart, TAS

Your easy back to school donation can help a young person in crisis accommodation get back to school this year

This organisation needs your donations of Officeworks vouchers, school bags and lunch boxes

This Hobart-based social enterprise has a focus on supporting young people and ensuring they have access to housing in Southern Tasmania.

This organisation provides crisis accommodation for those aged 12 - 15 who are at risk of homeless. The aim is to reengage these brave young people in education, develop living skills, relationships and family connections, and get them back on their feet.


Exactly what's needed

  • Vouchers to Officeworks, Kmart or similar for the purchase of exercise books, stationery items and book lists. Donate here.
  • School bags | Donate here.
  • Lunch boxes/bags | Donate here.

Donate funds

100% of the money received by GIVIT for this project will be used to buy items to help disadvantaged and at-risk youth in Cowra. To donate, simply click here, then write 'Help young people in crisis accommodation in Hobart get back to school' in the comments of your donation.

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