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Items for a residential secondary school for vulnerable young people

Engadine, NSW


This co-educational, residential secondary school for young people at risk of being disengaged from education needs your help

Requested donations include music equipment, exercise books, headphones and kickboards for swimming

This co-educational residential secondary program caters for vulnerable young people who are at risk of family breakdown, disengagement from education, and entry into the care of the Minister of Youth Justice.

They are an agency that reaches outside the school and into the family to help young people in need and restore family relationships.

The centre provides education, social skills development, counselling support and parenting classes, and works with young people and their families to overcome severe disadvantages including mental health issues, trauma, domestic violence, long term unemployment issues and the challenges of disability.


Thank you for your generosity!

This year, the centre is extending their educational program by offering Stage 6 classes to provide the HSC in a compressed format. Many additional items are needed to equip these young people with the educational resources required to achieve success in this new program.

Participation in these senior years of school will enable young people to develop their skills and knowledge and increase their productivity; which can lead to more employment opportunities and improved health and wellbeing outcomes.

The centre relies on external funding to run these programs and donations received will make a difference to the learning and wellbeing of every young person they support.

Thanks to the generosity of all of our amazing donors (that means you!), the centre has received donations of essentials items including:

  • Basketballs and swimming kickboards for PDHPE classes and recreational activities
  • Stationery including exercise and music stave books, pens, glue, and visual art diaries
  • Vouchers to allow the purchase of educational school resources
  • Computer accessories

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