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Items for vulnerable women transitioning back into the community

Southeast Queensland

Help vulnerable women reentering the community after being released from custody

Donations of Go Cards, grocery vouchers and mobile phones are requested to help ease the transition of these women back into the community

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This organisation provides valuable outreach and support to women who have recently been released from correctional centres.

Many women in custody have had complex and traumatic life experiences. Incarcerated women experience health and social problems at higher rates than women in the general population. Once released, these women face many barriers trying to access support programs and transition services. Research shows they are also at greater risk of being exposed to violence

This organisation is holistic and women-centered, and supports clients to independently transition back into society without judgement or stigma.

You can help

Give go cards, grocery vouchers or mobile phones

The three most urgently needed items are:

  • Go Cards ($20): Public transport cards are needed to support women accessing medical and specialist appointments and support services.
  • Grocery vouchers ($20): Many women struggle with the cost of accommodation and living expenses and don't have access to emergency relief support.
  • Smartphones ($150): These are critical for accessing online support services and resources, MyGov accounts, emails and street directions.

Donate money

You can donate money to purchase any of the above items by using the FUND button. Every little bit helps. 100% of your donation received by GIVIT will be used to purchase Go Cards, grocery vouchers and mobile phones to help these women get back on their feet.

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