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Items to help students at a special school

Goodna, Brisbane


This special school in Ipswich needs your generosity

Goodna Special School seeking donations of towels, hair brushes, school shoes, lego, vouchers and more

Goodna Special School (Goodna SS) has been operating since 1974, and supports more than 150 students with diverse and complex needs. The school aims to provide the highest possible quality of education for students who have intellectual impairment and other significant disabilities who live in the eastern suburbs of Ipswich.

Goodna is a suburb between Brisbane and Ipswich, and ranks as being highly socio-economically disadvantaged according to ABS data. The school is always looking for ways to better equip and support its community.

Exactly what's needed

To browse the full list of requested items and to donate, click here.

1 x Laptop | Donate here

A laptop is required to support one of the school's families whose parents are studying, but have been forced to stop as it's not feasible to continue the coursework via a smartphone. The school is requesting the donation of a good-quality laptop so the parents can continue their education.


10 x Towels | Donate here
1 x Hairdryer | Donate here
20 x Hair brushes/combs | Donate here

Goodna Special School runs programs to teach students about hygiene and looking after themselves. One of the learning activities is on washing, drying and brushing hair. These items are required to effectively teach this.


5 x Girl's school shoes or joggers | Donate here
5 x Boy's school shoes or joggers | Donate here

The school is seeking donations of school shoes or joggers to support students.


10 x Lego | Donate here
10 x Sensory or fidget toys | Donate here

Many of the students at Goodna SS have sensory issues and require items to assist them with de-escalation. The school is seeking donations of lego, as well as sensory toys such as fidget spinners, goop/slime, balls, squeezy toys and timers. These items provide students with a safe opportunity to de-escalate.


3 x $100 Kmart vouchers | Donate here

School students receive prizes for positive behaviour. When students show sage, respectful and responsible behaviour they are given a 'gotcha' which goes into a bucket and is drawn randomly at assembly each week. Students of the week and month also receive prizes. The school are seeking gift vouchers from Kmart to purchase these rewards to acknowledge excellent student behaviour.

Donate money

Donating funds is an easy way to help Goodna Special School obtain these important items. 100% of the money received by GIVIT for this project will be used to purchase items for Goodna SS. To donate, simply click here, then write 'Items to help students at a special school' in the comments of your donation. You can also use the FUND option if you would like to fund the purchase of an entire item.

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