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Seafarers care packages

Mackay, Brisbane and Gladstone - Queensland

There are more than 400,000 seafarers who sail our seas to provide imports and exports to countries all around the world. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, international seafarers are currently stranded on board vessels with no way to return home due to international travel restrictions. It is likely these seafarers will spend Christmas stranded on board their ships.

Gather your friends, family or work colleagues and host a Christmas fundraiser or donation drive for stranded seafarers this festive season.

Before COVID-19, seafarers in Australia were allowed shore leave and would visit community centres to access WIFI and purchase items needed. Now, due to government and port restrictions, seafarers are not permitted to come ashore and have to remain on board their vessels - no contact with their families, no purchasing of private requirements, and very limited medical assistance.

Support organisations in Mackay, Gladstone and Brisbane are becoming more and more aware of how this isolation and limited access to services is affecting both the mental and physical health of seafarers, so they are developing care packages to help combat this.

Organisations have been working hard to fill these care packages, but still require much more support. Christmas is adding extra stress, as normal donation avenues are diminished due to the wider impacts of COVID-19.

They all need our help. Please give, by choosing one of the options below.

Give money

Your cash donations will go a long way towards ensuring seafarers get the support they urgently need. 100% of money received will be used to purchase items for the care packages.

Give items

Care packages will be delivered to vessels whose workers cannot return home due to COVID-19 when they visit ports and will include items such as toiletries, grocery vouchers, stationery, books, magazines, art supplies, games and activities, musical instruments and Christmas decorations.

Thousands of items are needed.

To view the complete list of items required please click this link.

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