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Shoes for Dignity


How good does a great pair of new shoes feel?


You can give the gift of dignity by donating a pair of new shoes to someone doing it tough


Have you ever been forced to wear shoes that are too big, too small, or that have holes in them? Have you ever not had the means to buy a new pair of shoes?

For many vulnerable people in the community, this is their everyday. These people might be homeless, seeking Asylum, Indigenous persons experiencing hardship, or people experiencing or escaping from domestic violence situations.

Shoes for Dignity is an initiative aiming to get as many comfortable, well-fitting, appropriate pairs of shoes onto the feet of as many disadvantaged people as possible. 

We are seeking donations of new pairs of shoes as well as financial donations. 

Your generosity can provide someone doing it tough with the dignity of wearing a great pair of shoes that are right for them. 

Donate items

  • New pairs of men's joggers (all sizes) | Donate here
  • New pairs of men's and women's socks (all sizes) | Donate here
  • New pairs of unisex thongs (all sizes) for a mental health hospital | Donate here
  • Shoes and clothes for a community health provider to support a homeless man who doesn't own any clothes transitioning into a supported residential services facility | Donate requested items here

Donate money

100% of funds donated to this appeal will be used to purchase shoes, socks and other podiatry items for people experiencing hardship. To donate, simply click the link, then type 'Shoes for Dignity' in the comments section of your donation.


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