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Toiletry packs for remote Indigenous communities

Canberra, ACT


Help this organisation put together 300 care packs for remote Indigenous communities

Donations of simple items like shampoo, moisturiser, toothpaste, lip balm and nail clippers are urgently needed

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Toiletry packs for remote Indigenous communitiesThis Indigenous support organisation works with remote Indigenous communities across Australia. For NAIDOC Week 2021 (4-11 July), staff will travel to a remote township that's hosting NAIDOC celebrations. Remote Indigenous communities from the greater region will travel large distances to take part in events, speeches, song, dance and meals.

Health services will also be available during NAIDOC Week celebrations. This is an incredible opportunity for these communities to have access to health care. These toiletry packs will act as an incentive for community members to see health professionals, and receive treatment and support if required. 

Many remote communities live in extremely basic conditions, with little to no access to housing needs, clothing, furniture and hygiene essentials. 

This foundation works with communities to break entrenched cycles of dysfunction, substance abuse and homelessness. The organisation strives to improve mental and physical wellbeing through providing care.


What's needed

Click here to see the full list of what's needed and to donate. Requested items include shampoo and conditioner, moisturiser, hair brushes, lip balm, toothpaste, tissues, small packets of hand wipes and band-aids, face washers and razors.

See what's needed & give

Donate money

Donating money for these requests is so easy, and will allow us to buy the exact items requested by this organisation. Simple click the FUND button on the requests to donate the money required to purchase them. Most of them are just $5 each. A $50 donation will purchase one entire care pack!


This project and the associated item requests are part of our National Indigenous Support Program.

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