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Office chair

Child has had a tough year with cancer & a diagnosis of Autism; drought & unemployment struck, leaving this family devastated

This young boy was diagnosed with an eye tumour a few years back and had a difficult year transporting to and from Dubbo/Bathurst to hospital for treatment. The family have spent large periods of time apart as this little boy and his mum were required to remain in Sydney for surgery and intensive treatments to save the eye.
As he went into remission in early 2020, the treatments became more spread out, restoring some normality. But soon after, the to impacts of drought, bushfire and COVID took hold & this family faced unemployment & hardships too great to measure.
Over recent months, this little boy was then diagnosed with autism, making it incredibly difficult for him to participate in Telehealth and to communicate; causing many behavioural issues and greater strain on the family.
We are seeking an iPad and a Desk chair to help this little boy implement Telehealth sessions, reducing travel for clinic appointments & aiding communication for school preps


Drop off Post/Courier Voucher


Llanarth NSW 2795

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