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Domestic and Family Violence

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Vacuum Cleaner

Client is legally blind, she is living with the preparator of serious domestic violence. She is a NDIS participant.

The community member is residing in her ex-partners home is a victim of domestic violence. She is legally blind, her support network is funded through NDIS. She has no furniture to set up when she is relocated to her own property. Our organisation has supported caseworker to request financial assistance through our Emergency Relief to assist with rent payments as the client is only receiving part of a disability support pension due to having been in a relationship, this is now rectified with Services Australia and our client will receive full payments which will allow her to live independently and afford her own ongoing rental payments. She would greatly benefit from the generosity of the community with items to ensure she can leave this unsafe environment and further that she is able to some basic comforts such as a bed, fridge, washing machine among other items. Thank you for considering this lady for your kind donations.


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Aitkenvale QLD 4814

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Vacuum Cleaner

A robotic vacuum would increase our client's ability to have a clean floor without support hours being used, and also provides her with being able to demonstrate her ability to use such equipment to assist in having a clean home.

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