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These petrol vouchers will help ensure that a cancer patient from Bega can afford access to treatment

A cancer diagnosis for residents of Bega would typically involve multiple trips to Canberra (a 5 hour return trip) ,or Sydney (an 11 hour return trip). Routine treatments such as CT scans, MRIs, PET scans, surgery and radiotherapy are just not available in Bega .Add to this the impact of the recent bushfires, the extra costs associated with travel and accommodation (radiotherapy in particular typically being a daily treatment for up to 6 weeks) can be absolutely crippling for families. Our Bega branch provides financial assistance to such families across travel, accommodation, medical and utilities expenses. We are a grass roots community volunteer charity where every cent we raise in Bega stays in Bega to assist cancer patients there and in nearby towns. We typically help 24-25 people a month distributing about $5,000 in financial assistance. Small amounts bring huge relief, not only from a financial perspective but also from an emotional perspective; we look after our community.


Post/Courier Voucher


Bega NSW 2550

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