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Fuel voucher - $50

Our branches provide financial support to people in their community to ensure they can afford cancer treatment costs.

Cancer is expensive. It is almost always more expensive the further you live from a metropolitan area. There are many cancer treatments (including diagnostic tools like PET scans) just not available at the Shoalhaven Cancer Care Centre. A cancer diagnosis for residents there often means a drive to Canberra (5 hours return) or Sydney (5.5 hours return). Add to this the impact of the recent bushfires and the extra costs associated with travel and accommodation can be absolutely crippling for families of Shoalhaven. Our branch there provides financial assistance to make it more affordable for patients to get to treatment ;providing petrol vouchers, paying for accommodation, utility bills, groceries and helping them with out of pocket medical expenses. We are a grass roots community volunteer charity where every cent we raise in Shoalhaven stays in Shoalhaven to assist cancer patients there and in nearby towns.


Post/Courier Voucher


Nowra NSW 2541

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Fuel voucher - $50

These fuel vouchers would go directly to those families from Shoalhaven and surrounding towns who are managing the extra travel costs associated with a cancer diagnosis in country NSW. Bushfires have hit our town hard which has not only made it more difficult to fund raise , but has also made it more likely that residents will require financial assistance

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