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Armani suffered burns to two thirds of her body, enduring painful grafts. Seeking a laptop for remote learning & Telehealth.

This young girl was seriously burnt in a home accident involving a petrol spill. As a result she has endured third-thrid-degree burns to two-thirds of her body and has endured countless surgeries, routine monthly visits to Westmead Children's Hospital and daily therapy. She will require grafts for the next 10 years until she is fully grown.
As a result of the therapy and constant travel to and from hospital, often getting stuck in Sydney for weeks on end, she has missed a lot of school. Further, between treatments she is required to engage in Telehealth programs. This has proven difficult as she does not have a laptop or access to a computer to use for remote learning and therapy.
We are seeking a laptop for her to use at the hospital, in transit and from home to help her with there therapy and with remote education.


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Gulargambone NSW 2828

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