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Domestic and Family Violence

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Mobile phone

Mobile phones for people escaping domestic violence

Ravenshoe Mount Garnet region has one of the highest rates of family and domestiv violence in Australia. The community hub in our region is running 8 community programs including Family Support, Community Support, Youth Support, Aged Care Services, childcare, NILS, Community Gardens, Ravenshoe Social Group.

We are the first stop for people who are affected by domestic and family violence, primarily though Community Support, Family Support and Youth Support Program. While we refer where possible 80% of clients have immediate needs that cannot wait and cannot be not be met through our normal funding channels. The number 1 example and item that can support our community & save lives are mobile phones with new phone number/phone credit.


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Ravenshoe QLD 4888

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Mobile phone

Mobile phones to support people escaping domestic and family violence.

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