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Domestic and Family Violence

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Single mum with 1 child with high needs

My client is a single mother with 1 child aged 9 that has high needs and non-verbal.
Throughout the COVID period mum has struggled with her finances and managing her day to day expenses. Mum has to seek assistance at times through charity organisations to provide food for herself and her son. This mother has for many years struggled with her own mental health and previous DFV along with her sons disabilities and behaviours which can become violent. The recent COVID lockdown and restrictions have added more stress for this mum and her son. Mum isn't financially stable to be able to purchase school essentials as she is struggling week to week her to pay bills and put food on the table


Campbelltown NSW 2560


My client is a single mum of 1 young boy that has high needs. She is financially struggling to make ends meet during COVID times.

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Domestic and Family Violence


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