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Domestic and Family Violence

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Washing machine - any size

On her own

She collected the girls today. An DVO has just been granted against her husband, and her kids have been placed back in her care after going into foster care for a week.

After dropping the girls into our childcare today she left feeling calm that they were back into their normal routine but stressed for the rest of her life. She told me she only has $25 left in her account. I asked if she had enough food to get her through the weekend and she said she did. Her washing machine is broken and she’s stressed that she doesn’t have the funds to have it repaired, and doesn’t know where to start with looking for someone to repair it. She wants to explore opportunities to get her life back on track - like options for driving lessons and study opportunities but its hard when every day is a fight.


Canberra ACT 2601

Washing machine - any size

A new washing machine would be ideal but one that can cope with the load of 2 young kids.

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Domestic and Family Violence


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