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Storms and Flooding

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Grocery voucher - $50

Primary School desperately required assistance so all children start school with a full tummy

School is desperately looking for any assistance to assist in feeding over 100 students each morning. A free breakfast club for students to be able to start the day off with full tummies. The school is waiting on support but until then teachers and principle have been using their own money to purchase what is requires to feed them each morning. The school is going through 8 loaves of bread a day, spreads, long-life milk, cereal, etc.
we would like to get enough support so the school can run this till the end of the school year while we are awaiting further support. The children cant wait for the red tape to be cleared. Please help make sure all children have a healthy start to each day.


Mittagong NSW 2575

Grocery voucher - $50

Woolworths vouchers would be greatly appreciated as it is next door to the school.

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Storms and Flooding


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