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Fuel voucher - $50

Easing the burden on our volunteers

As a volunteer run charity we rely heavily on the goodwill of our volunteers to operate.

We source and distribute hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of needed supplies each year to vulnerable children and their families.

These goods and supplies are all collected and distributed to those in need that we support.
Our rural volunteers in particular have massive amounts of area to cover and at times can be travelling thousands of kilometres in a month to pick up and distribute goods.
Being rural not only do they have to travel into Melbourne to collect stock but then also distribute to numerous spread out towns. This has been made more difficult by the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

This is causing tremendous financial stress on our volunteers who work tirelessly to support disadvantaged children.

We require 60 X $50 vouchers for fuel. BP or Caltex would be preferred.


Moorabbin VIC 3189

Fuel voucher - $50

$50 petrol vouchers.

BP or Caltex is preferred.

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$50.00 each

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