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Domestic and Family Violence

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Canon DSLR camera

Single mother recently left FDV relationship w/ 2y son wanting to study to further job prospects for rental affordability

This mother recently escaped an FDV relationship with her son's father and is trying to start over and rebuild life again for herself and her son. They both had to flee their home which had a low rent rate, and have since applied for numerous rentals but because rent prices have increased significantly due to COVID, the mother can only afford to apply for rentals that are lower priced and highly competitive with real estate agents reporting hundreds of applications received at times. As a carer for her mother and sister she was not able to complete schooling as a teenager, so has decided she would like to further her education to start a business and build an income quickly, to either be more competitive in her application, or be able to afford higher rent. She would love to study photography / videography as she is very creative, so we are seeking donations for a DSLR camera and laptop that will enable her to do so (Links to products in separate section). Thankyou so much in advance!


Northbridge WA 6003


Someone else was even faster than you and this request has already been filled. See here how else you can help.

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