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Connecting People with a Disability

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Single mum lost house and home business

Single mother with 7yo daughter with autism.

Saved enough to afford house deposit and purchased own home in June 2020 in Lismore. House floor level above previous flooding levels. Spent over $30k investing into a home business as a hairdresser.

Feb 2022 unprecedented floods completely destroyed house and business in one go. Left house at 11pm when still driveable out of Lismore and travelled to evacuation centre.

Has now spent the last 11 weeks bouncing through different family members and in emergency housing provided by government. Has now been provided a pod house.

Very focused on trying to restore stability to her daughter, and trying to get back home as soon as it is inhabitable again. Still too traumatised to work, but with mortgage payments on an unliveable house coming very soon is quite concerned about where-to-next.


Girards Hill NSW 2480


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