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Domestic and Family Violence

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Kmart voucher - $100

Mother escaped Domestic Violence with her young child interstate in search of safety !!

The client escaped family and domestic violence and relocated to QLD as she feared for safety for herself and her young child. She is yet to navigate support services available to her. She is currently surviving using her own/minimum resources. She is moving to new location in Brisbane this weekend and is in need of money to purchase basic supplies- food, groceries, clothing and basic furnishing depending up her new location.

Client would appreciate
- Coles voucher $200- food and groceries
- Kmart voucher $200- warm clothing and school supplies for her child

Thank you in advance for your support.


Highgate Hill QLD 4101

Kmart voucher - $100

Kmart Voucher for Women escaping DV. Needing resources for her daughter for her new school.

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Domestic and Family Violence


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