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COVID-19 Relief Program

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62yo gentleman with 3 young children with mental health and impact of COVID19 needing furniture for permanent accommodation

Client is 62yo gentleman who is currently staying in our crisis accommodation. He is diagnosed with PTSD, depression and anxiety. PTSD involves being a child in a war zone. However, there are other traumatic events which might impact him, including losing his 24y son (after drowning) about 5 years ago when the police knocked on his door to inform him which had a significant impact on him. He has history of suicidal ideation and mentioned he was 3 months in the mental health Hospital in Adelaide. He is currently stable, medicated and linked with his GP. His ex-wife and 3 children (under 12yo) had COVID back in September and he also got after supporting them, including taking care of children before they also tested positive. Client is still has long term symptoms, mainly fatigue and muscle pain. He got permanent accommodation after many years, signing a lease on Monday 17Jan22. He is on jobseeker (centrelink).


Liverpool NSW 2170


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