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Domestic & Family Violence

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Grocery voucher - $50

Mother and child both experiencing complex wellbeing issues including DV

A loving and devoted mother faces financial stress, relying on Centrelink support and awaiting a NDIS assessment. She often feels isolated, with most of her family in Turkey, and reports frequent feelings of overwhelm and fatigue due to parenting difficulties and multiple psychosocial stressors. The son's separation anxiety has worsened, affecting his ability to attend school and sessions with support services. The mother needs support navigating systems, the son experiences long-standing separation anxiety and significant difficulties attending school, especially when sent by his mother. His mother suffers from mental health issues, including depression and PTSD, and is currently on medication pending a psychiatric review. She often feels overwhelmed by her sons needs and has little time for herself. The parents are separated, with a domestic violence order (DVO) against the father and have a fluid and inconsistent shared custody arrangement.


Sunnybank Hills QLD 4109

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