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Storms and Flooding

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Fridge/freezer - small

Fridge needed for local smash repairers

This request is for a small smash repair business located in South Lismore. Their workshop and office were completely inundated in the February 2022 floods and although everything was raised up above the levels identified in their flood plan, the scale of the floods meant that everything in their workshop and office was lost.

They have been focussing on getting their workshop operational again so they can open, keep their team together, and get back to business, but they will need to build their office from scratch as well. They would appreciate the donation of a small fridge so they can stop bringing esky and ice every day which means they can store at least the milk for their coffee (essential!) and lunch for the team.

Thank you!


South Lismore NSW 2480


Someone else was even faster than you and this request has already been filled. See here how else you can help.

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