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NSW Fires 2019/2020

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Convection oven

Client is at risk of homelessness due to new developments on the land

Client has been evicted from his property, he is a 61 year old male with a disability who is a single occupant and unable to afford a fridge. Currently using a broken fridge to store refrigerated food and is now declining in his mental health and also physical health.

Client has been faced with a stroke and is unable to do all mobility.

Client has been living in his property for almost 20 years and has only been evicted due to owner selling the property to developers, our team are supporting the client to a new property within the next 2-3 weeks and client would really appreciate the support in a slim sized fridge for studio property and a air fryer to cook his favourite meal


Penrith NSW 2750

Convection oven

ideally just an Kmart 28 Litre oven
the client new property has no oven available. the property only has a small kitchenette space and is a small 2 top stove available to cook.

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NSW Fires 2019/2020


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