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COVID-19 Relief Program

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Fuel voucher - $100

Provide welfare packs to visiting ships crew as crew not allowed to come ashore

Pre COVID-19 visiting seafarers were allowed shore leave and would come to our centre for shore leave and purchases. Now we have COVID-19, due to government and port restrictions seafarers are not permitted to come ashore at our ports and have to remain on board their vessels - no contact with their families, no purchasing of private requirements, very limited medical assistance. Their mental state now suffering continually with these restrictions. We have commenced in purchasing items to deliver as part of a Christmas welfare packs to the ships crews visiting at our Ports. We will start dispersing these Late November and all of December in time for Xmas. Our organisation requires assistance in purchasing these products to allow us to continue our welfare support and mission to these crews.


Mackay QLD 4740

Fuel voucher - $100

we assist the seafarers coming ashore for crew leave and provide a relaxed atmosphere at our centre. We cover the Mackay and Dalrymple and Hay Point Berths and on average cover 4000 km a month.

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COVID-19 Relief Program


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