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Wooroloo Bushfire

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Washing machine - any size

Mum with 5 children, just escaped DV

Indigenous woman with 5 small children has just escaped horrific DV situation. She is set up in a safe house. Her and 5 children are now safe from harm. 2 of the 5 children have disabilities and are non-verbal. Since Covid her ex partner lost his job and returned to using drugs and abusing her and the children. This woman receives centrelink payments but most goes on rent and her car payment nappies and formula. She was affected by the Wooroloo 2021 bushfire. Tis lady is struggling to put food on the table and with a bunch of hungry kids this is wearing her down. I take her bakery/fruit and veg hampers twice a week but this is not enough to keep the little ones fed. She will gladly accept any non perishable foods as that is the area of shopping she struggles with.She also needs basic toiletries and hygiene products. With the rising costs of food and groceries she is finding it difficult to give her children a good square meal every day. Please help me give her kids the basics


Parkerville WA 6081

Washing machine - any size

My clients second hand machine has just blown up and she is back to hand washing her kids clothes, she is desperately needing a washer , even a small twin tub or any second hand one that works.

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Wooroloo Bushfire


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