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Digital Inclusion Queenslanders with a Disability

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Homeless family left Torres Strait Islands for better education and employment opportunity needs support

This loving family left TSI for educational and employment opportunities, rather than send their kids to boarding school (only high school option in TSI). They were homeless here and self-funding in motels, paying exorbitant rates. They are now in a private rental but tryin to furnish this place while also outlaying educational costs for two children. They are working casually but have no guaranteed hours and are currently searching for more permanent work. This family is one of the most gracious that I have ever worked with. they are trying to be self-reliance but desperation has forced them to reach out to the community. They express their gratitude for anyone willing to help and promise to pay it forward when they are in a better position.


Parramatta Park QLD 4870


With high school comes increasing costs, especially in this day and age where laptops are mandatory. Without a a laptop the children in this family are unable to complete their school work and keep up with their peers. Digital literacy is vital to education and employment outcomes now and further down the line. Are you able to help this family purchase 1 laptop to secure their future? Please help if you can.

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Digital Inclusion Queenslanders with a Disability


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