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Equine Therapy

Year 7-10 students aged 12-16 need funding for equine therapy

Requesting funding to provide equine therapy session to youth who have experienced trauma, financial hardship, mental health concerns and low confidence and self esteem. Equine therapy and the course that is running in this location develops self awareness and promotes physical, occupational and emotional growth. Many of the young people are unable to fund the equine therapy, and many of their guardians and parents are unable to support financially. Equine therapy will assist these young people to re-engage at school, in the community and support their emotional well being.


Busselton WA 6280

Equine Therapy

The program for young people runs for 12 horse contact hours. This can be delivered in 6 x 2hr sessions or 12 x 1hr sessions for each student. Cost is $100 per hr for individuals

Seeking 2x $600

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