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Tropical Cyclone Seroja

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Bed linen package - quilt, cover, sheets, pillows - queen

Economic hardship impacting student at our school, living in town that was impacted by TC Seroja

We have a student in our school whose family has been homeless and living in a car previously. Mum has just had new baby and family living in tiny property with boy sharing room with the new sibling. He is not getting a good night sleep and struggling to attend school because of this. They have recently moved to Kalbarri as this was the only place they could secure a house. They as a family are struggling to eat adequate food. The family are all desperate for a haircut but limited funds means there is no capacity for them to do this. The parent's are doing their best but are feeling the effects of the Covid pandemic and TC Seroja which has made cost of living in the town challenging.
They are in need of financial and emotional support.


Kalbarri WA 6536

Bed linen package - quilt, cover, sheets, pillows - queen

Family facing hardship

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Tropical Cyclone Seroja


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