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Grocery voucher - $20

Indigenous woman with 3 kids has escaped DV.

This beautiful family of mum and 3 young kids have escaped domestic violence and are now in a safe house. Unfortunately her unborn child didn't survive the last bout of abuse. Mum has had to leave without any clothes for the kids or herself. She has a home but unfortunately 80% of her centrelink payment goes on rent, she has a fully furnished home but not a lot of personal belongings. For safety reasons she doesn't want to access agencies out of fear of being found by her abusive ex. She was affected by the Wooroloo bushfires and since covid lock down has been suffering poor mental health.


Parkerville WA 6081

Grocery voucher - $20

This lady has lost most of her cupboard food due to a mice problem. She has 3 children who she struggles to feed and now she has even less as she has had to throw out all her food In the pantry. She needs pantry foods and school snacks. Can anyone please help her replace her food.

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