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Rehabilitation centre, catering for men, women and families .

We are a fast growing residential rehabilitation centre. We have over 120 men, women and children in the program. Our focus is on helping people back to the community. We are a working program, every week day we are progressively up skilling people in many areas of the work force. As a wholistic program we find the direction a person coming out of addiction, life issue wants to take and we help them achieve it.
We also have a purpose built class room for young people wishing to finish their education or further study. We also have many work sites our residents work at every week day and they all must wear PPE and have work boots. We are always in desperate need of ladies and mens work boots hiviz. We also would like help to further residents education, laptops, iPads, stationary, education fees, school uniforms for children who have external education.
. Linen, doonas, towels, tea towels
. Ladies and mens work boots, work socks
. Laptops, iPads, stationary
. Education fee help


Henley Brook WA 6055


20 laptops for our young people wanting to further their education but not yet ready to step back on a class room. We have a purpose built class room, however they have desk tops and can not take them home for study.

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