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Kmart voucher - $50

Request for Assistance for a Single Middle-Aged Lady Who Lost Everything in VIC Flood

The client is a single middle-aged lady in her 60s who has recently lost everything due to the recent VIC flood. She has been left devastated and in a state of shock due to the destruction caused by the floodwaters. However, she has recently been accepted for public housing and is determined to start her life a new.

She has lost all of her possessions, including her home, furniture, clothes, and personal items. She has just joined the workforce again doing some casual jobs however its really hard for client as its physically demanding. Client is a single lady struggling to keep up with living expenses and have requested if there could be some assistance so that she can get some household appliances such as heater and cooking pots for winter hence any grocery vouchers donations would also be appreciated.


Maribyrnong VIC 3032

Kmart voucher - $50

Any Kmart or BigW voucher is appreciated

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