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COVID-19 Relief Program

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Fuel voucher - $100

69-year-old single women with persistent, lifelong mental health barriers at risk high of homelessness.

69-year-old single women facing homelessness due to the rental crisis. She has a Mental Health diagnosis which has been challenging for most of her life, and managing it is especially difficult due to stressful circumstances.

She needs financial assistance to alleviate some distress caused by pending homelessness. She has been trying hard to save for the cost of storing her belongings, as she anticipates having to live in her car. Each week after covering basic costs of living, she is left with no money. Some fuel vouchers would aid her to alleviate some pressure, travel to accommodation viewings and set aside some moving costs.

With not long left and no alternative accommodation arranged, despite considerable effort, stress has mounted, and the need for financial support is pressing. Single women in this age bracket are the fastest rising demographic effected by homelessness in Australia. Supporting these vulnerable women during times of rental crisis is imperative.


Busselton WA 6280

Fuel voucher - $100

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