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COVID-19 Relief Program

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Big W voucher - $50

Helping people in our area create better wellbeing and stability with their mental health

We work with clients who have a disabilities and who are on low incomes. The program provides support to clients with mental health conditions and disabilities. We hope to offer clients a lunch to assist and explore topics with social skills, self-confidence, support with their disabilities, enhance their skills, learn coping skills, learn to stick to their budgets, maintain a healthy living and most of all better their wellbeing.
Due to the rising cost of living, coming up with entry cost is extremely hard to do. By getting sponsored clients will be able to reach their goals and create better wellbeing and stability with their mental health as well as build trust and friendships with others in similar circumstances


West Busselton WA 6280

Big W voucher - $50

The D2D provides a well being group that supports client with mental health conditions. The group gives client the chance to socialize and expand their social skills within the community. The group allows the clients to build self confidence, learn to mediate, expand on coping skills, and enhances their well being. D2D is a positive environment where clients can grow. By getting assistance with Big W vouchers I will be able to run creative session building clients artist skills and flare. It will also assist with Journaling and scrap booking with is a form of mediation training the brain to let go of thoughts that race through the brain, allowing client to create some peaceful spaces in the mind.

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COVID-19 Relief Program


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