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Tiny Hearts Online First Aid Course Voucher

First time mum seeks infant/child first aid course & ongoing education, after 5wk old suffered 2 x unexplained seizures

First time mum had a terrifying experience when she was home alone with her 5wk old baby who following being settled for a sleep, began making strange movements alerting this mum that something was very wrong. On closer assessment baby's eyes could be seen rolling and mum phoned 000. Paramedics believed baby had a seizure and transported mum & bub to Hospital. A further episode occurred less than 24hrs later with a nurse present who confirmed baby suffered a second seizure. After 3 days of tests baby was discharged, no lasting issues & in good health, but the cause of the seizures was inconclusive. Mum stated she was terrified, one point thought she might lose her baby and she felt helpless in that moment. Mum is motivated to engage in an online baby first aid course to upskill & prepare so she can support her child though further health issues or medical episodes. In addition, Mum would like to further her knowledge on baby health, development and milestones. Thankful for any support.


Rockingham WA 6168

Tiny Hearts Online First Aid Course Voucher

If possible this mum is very interested in completing the Tiny Hearts Online New Parent Essentials First Aid Bundle. This course has been developed by Rachel a mum herself and her sister Nicole a paramedic with first hand experience assisting infants. toddlers and babies in emergency medical situations. This new mum would be able to complete this course at home with her baby and also have lifetime access to the course as well as free resources for life. The course is $155 which includes a short course on introducing solids to support this mums goal of increasing knowledge on babies needs as well as gaining first aid skills.

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