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Domestic and Family Violence

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Client left premises due to threats of physical violence from ex partner and father of 3 young children.

Client fled DV from ex partner and father of 3 young children and relocated to Sydney. Client has a learning disability, is illiterate and can not read to her children as well as her oldest child requires an ipad for school and to also use within the home.
Client was left in debt due to financial coercion from ex partner and is in process of hopefully the debts to be waived or on a minimum payment plan and now has a negative credit rating.
Client is currently in a transitional property, which a 9mth temporary accommodation and will need to start saving (which is difficult at this time) and planning to move into a longer term property, whether it being private rental but hopefully she will be offered a community housing property.
Client struggles financially and can not afford to buy an Ipad for her daughter or children and being donated one would be greatly appreciated and would benefit the family, as it would be used as a source of communication.


Canley Heights NSW 2166


Client requires ipad/computer for education purposes for child and a means to communicate effectively with her three children, such as reading with or to her children as client has a learning disability and is unable to read and write.

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Domestic and Family Violence


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