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Older lady with disabilities in community housing requiring digital connection

An older lady impacted by a life limiting illness entered our program due to her tenancy being at risk. She had infestation of bugs combined with psychiatric illness that lead to a large financial debt and loss of the majority of her possessions. Further to this, the two incidents of flooding impacted her access to her home and her mental health, already low because of Covid and her health conditions. While her tenancy is now more secure, this lady now requires digital devices for entertainment and to keep her connected to the outside world.

This lady has no friends or family support and relies on television for entertainment, She likes to listen to classic music and watch international films but her TV is currently flashing on and off and making it hard to watch. She would love a smart TV so she doesn't have to rely on her expensive pay TV package. She dreams of having a laptop she could use to more easily research the internet as she finds her phone very hard to navigate.


New Farm QLD 4005


Laptop requested to assist with easy navigation of the internet rather than using a phone. This lady also misses playing her keyboard which she had to sell and would benefit from using an online piano app on the laptop.

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