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VIC Bushfires 2024

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Kmart voucher - $50

Resident had to evacuate from her damaged home in Rocky Road Bush Fires, experiencing significant financial hardship

Resident's house was significantly destroyed from the Rocky Road Bushfires, she has had to evacuate to temporary accommodation and can’t return. She is experiencing significant anxiety and panic attacks. She has had to take a break from studying, struggling with her mental health
Resident's parent is currently undergoing chemotherapy, and this is causing further strain on her mental health and finances, experiencing financial hardship as she tries to help her parents out financially as they are currently dealing with cancer treatment.
Any funds towards food or fuel, clothing stores would assist greatly so she can focus on future accommodation and reestablishing herself.


Pakenham VIC 3810

Kmart voucher - $50

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VIC Bushfires 2024


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