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Victoria Bushfires

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Ongoing Support for disadvantaged children and youth

At our not-for-profit, we recognise that one in every six children living in Australia are disadvantaged.
Their circumstances are not of their own making and with little opportunity to fend for themselves, they continue to live in a cycle of poverty and disadvantaged.
We seek to support the children "that fall through the cracks" through the provision of material aid and the facilitation of projects that will lead to them leading happier and fuller lives.

Each year we distribute hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of goods to children and families in need.
Other than projects on a need basis, we provide educational support and material all year round (especially at the start of the year) as well as gifts at Christmas time.

We source goods throughout the year to help us accomplish our goals as efficiently as possible. Since 2020, COVID-19 has added extra strain on families and children, therefore all help is welcome to get these people back on their feet.

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Moorabbin VIC 3189

Pencil case

At the start of every year we receive numerous requests for stationery packs and book lists as parents and carers are unable to afford the ever increasing costs of their child's education.
Book lists can cost up to $200 for a primary school student and run well into $7-800 for upper secondary.

It is a very unpleasant experience for a child to turn up to school without the proper supplies, bag or uniform.

If you could assist us to help children remain engaged in their education, we would greatly appreciate it.

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Victoria Bushfires


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